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The Culture

Out of Many, One People


Official: English

National: Jamaican Patois (or Patwa)

Jamaica is considered a bilingual country because two major languages are used. English is the official language and is used in all parts of public life like the government, legal system, media, and education.

Jamaican Patois is the primary spoken language. It’s an English-based creole language with influences from West Africa, which was developed in the 17th century.


Jamaican Dollar JMD

JMD 10 = 0.06 € = US$ 0.7

JMD 1,580.51 = 10 € = US$ 11.54

JMD 1,369.95 = 8.66 € = US$ 10

You can find ATMs easily

You can use credit cards

You will need cash for local vendors

(keep small bills on hand)

*Keep in mind a lot of items are imported and taxed at a higher rate*