Peace, Love & Travel Agency 

Even in the age of online booking, travel agents are a great source of information and discounts.

A travel agent can make sure that your trip is tailored to you,

assist you in case of unexpected problems and help you anticipate potential issues in advance. 

What are the advantages of using a travel agent?

There are many benefits to booking with a travel agent

  • cost savings
  • expert guidance
  • strategic planning for your trip
  • access to special rates or additional incentives that are not available when booking directly.

Beyond the perks offered with your booking, another great reason to book with a travel agent is SERVICE! A good travel agent has personal experience with travel, but also gets great feedback from his or her clients so they’re continuously learning about different offerings. This means that the agent can help get to know you, find out what you enjoy, what type of vacation you’re looking for, etc, and make recommendations based on the knowledge they’ve amassed.

Point of Contact: Your agent can not only make these arrangements, but if you need to make changes or get more information, you’ve got one person you can speak with that will help you with everything.

How is a travel agency paid, doesn’t it cost me money?

No, Peace, Love & Travel chooses not to attach a booking fee to our clients. When we book a hotel room, cruise, tour, the provider doesn’t have to sell, market, or service the booking – we do. Registered as a travel authority we receive a commission directly from the agency that was booked.